We're a boutique creative studio located in Santa Monica, California.

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the things we love

“Woof, woof, treat, woof.”

I'm probably 65% coffee at this point. -Silo

Look at that lighting!!!. -Angel

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who we are

We're a boutique branding agency with a strong passion to help small businesses grow and develop. We are a dedicated team offering big brand experience with the savior faire to connect to today’s culture and create sincere connections and lasting value. We want to turn your visions into something a little more tangible. Let’s put it out in the world and watch others experience it! We help brands & companies achieve their objectives, drive growth and retain customers through the medium of design.


what we do

We create positive human experiences with sustainable concepts. We assist businesses and startups invent or reinvent theirselves through strategy and engaging design. There is no creative boundary when taking on a challenge and we do so with leading optimism. We keep a tight-knit team, allowing us to stay focus on what we do best, give the most personalized service, have streamlined communication and importantly, quality control.


how we do it

At Nightfolk Creative, what you see is what you get. There is no revolving door of designers, no outsourcing to designers that you haven't had direct contact with and no shortage of awesomeness. We’re fun (duh!), laidback and just simply want to give you our best. Our work is developed with a mindset dedicated to creativity, collaboration and empathy. If you’re on the hunt for a team like ours, search no more — we are here for you.


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